Guess Which Is the Most Bet on Sport in the UK!

Sports betting, bingo and poker in the UK continues to be on an upward trend where access to betting, casinos and bingo sites has increased due to the prevalence of online apps. In this article we will focus on the sports betting industry and how it has transformed significantly in […]

Slot Machine Addiction

Visiting popular UK Slot Sites is a fun and exciting way of spending time playing all the fantastic games. The lights, graphics, and sounds all heighten the enjoyment players get out of pulling the lever (or in today’s case, pressing the button). Many people travel to a casino every week […]

Great Hockey Fights – Gare Joyce on Junior Hockey’s 1987 Punch Up

For readers too young to remember or those who have forgotten over time, there was a bench clearing brawl between Canada and the U.S.S.R. in the World Junior hockey Championship (WJC) in 1987 in Piestany, Czechoslovakia. Every player was to leave their bench – some more willing than others- and […]

When International Hockey Powers Don’t Look Behind Them

A good hockey team wins most of its games. But a great hockey team wins when it needs to, and doesn’t lose a game to a weaker team. How much more is this true for hockey teams that represent entire countries? This is the fate that befell Sweden in the […]

How to Shoot a Backhand in Hockey

A goaltender can read the direction of a slap shot or wrist shot easily because the puck will follow the positioning of the shooter. The ‘tender must stay square to the shot, cover as much of the net as possible (cutting down the angle), and direct the rebound to a […]

The Evolution Of Hockey Equipment

When hockey was first played on rinks in Canada and the United States, all a player was required to have was a hockey stick and skates. Nowadays, that’s simply not the case. Hockey equipment such as skates were first used by Scandinavians, the Finnish and Dutch during the 11th century […]

Ice Hockey – League Rules on Hitting

The National Hockey League (NHL), Winter Olympics and the World Junior Championships showcase the world’s best ice hockey players and inspire young hopefuls to dream of becoming the next Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkyn or Hayley Wickenheiser. Like most team sports, ice hockey builds character, mental toughness and an understanding of […]

Canada – USA Rivalry in Women’s Hockey

Team Canada and Team USA have long been rivals on the international hockey stage. And while competition between the Canadian men’s team and other countries has escalated over the years, the two women’s teams remain the other’s No. 1 foe. Ever since the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) officially recognized […]

Canadian History of Women’s Hockey

Women’s hockey was not widely played nor was it popular on a professional level until the 1990’s. When women’s professional hockey hit the ice two decades ago it rapidly became the rage and women worldwide laced up to competitively play in the global arena. Pre- 1900’s Women’s Hockey Some historical […]